Himalaya exhibition

It is a technical festival of Himalaya College of Engineering organized by HCOE in collaboration with HECC,HIT, HCE, AASTHA AND HRC. 

In this festival, different technical competitions and project demonstrations are held along with real time competitions such as Technical Quiz, Civil Model Competition, Code War, Robo Akhada and Gaming. This festival provides practical knowledge and competitive spirits to the students of technical field. This festival aims to develop potential of students and also improve the technical sectors all over Nepal. This festival provides ideas to students about how to contribute from their side towards the technical development.


Who can take part to HEx?

Engineers and engineering students, +2 students, Consultants, General, public,  Technical professionals, Technical organizations 


We, all the engineers have the same goal i.e. the development of the nation. So, it is a must for us to form a team and go together forming a well-managed team with our hand in hand in an extravaganza in which each and every personnel is benefited and as far as possible nobody is left behind. This “HIMALAYA EXHIBITON” is a glorious event through which we can meet our goal. This exhibition is an event through which we can unite all engineering students and form a platform of understanding, coordination and interaction amongst us not only during the event but also at future times